Qatar Electricity Wiring and Water Installation Code (Kahramaa) PDF

Qatar Electricity Wiring and Water Installation Code (Kahramaa) PDF


Download the Qatari code for electricity (electrical wiring code 2016 pdf) and the (water installation code 2016 pdf). Both codes are from KAHRAMAA company of water and electricity distribution. KAHRAMAA regulations for design and installation of water supply and electrical wiring for building are illustrated in these two codes.

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Qatar Electricity and Water Code (Kahramaa) PDF
Qatar Electricity and Water Code (Kahramaa) PDF

Water installation code 2016 pdf:

The regulation presented in this document form part of the requirements for water services connection and installation. The purpose of this regulation is to prevent misuses, waste, undue consumption or erroneous measurement of water and most importantly, to prevent leakage of potable water. These regulations would replace the former Rules and Regulation Guide Plumbing works, the previous additions 2006, 2007 and May 2009.

Download Qatar Water Installation Code 2016 pdf


Message from KAHRAMAA

Regulation Purpose

Building Permit



Application Categories

The Law

Villas, Compounded Villas.

Multistory Buildings (Towers).

Any premises betterment

Villa, Raw House

Malls, Commercial Centers (offices, retails, shops, Industries, etc.)

Individual villa, industrial Sector.

Commercial Sector.



General Information for obtaining water supply.

Water Service Works / plumbing Requiring a Professional Engineer (consultant)

Water Ground Storage Capacity

Villa, Raw House & House requirements

Water meter cabinet

Ground water tank

The water booster pumps

Residential Compound requirements

Water Meter Service Cabinet AMR compatible

Compound Water Tanks (break tanks, each villa ground tank)

Roof plumbing

Compound internal water network

The Residential compound water booster pumps

Individual Branch water meter for flats or offices apartments

Towers, Residential flats, Offices (High) Buildings

Main Water Meter Cabinet

Branch Water Meter Cabinet (AMR) compatible is required

Tower water demand & Multi stories building

Towers & Multi stories Buildings lifting Pumps

Malls, Commercial Centers (offices, retails, shops, Industries, etc.)

Main Water Meter Cabinet

Branch Water Meter Cabinet AMR compatible is required

Malls & commercial Centers total water demand required

Fire System & Fire Meter Requirements

Specification of Pipes and fittings Material for water network

Specification of pipes and fitting Material for internal plumbing

World Wide Known Quality Certification Bodies

Customer Number Plate


Water Conservation Regulations

Drawings & Forms

Transport Stations


Electricity wiring code 2016 pdf:

The purpose of these Regulations is to establish standards, principles and guidelines that promote the design, construction, installation, maintenance, operation, energy conservation and metering of safe and efficient Low Voltage (LV) Electrical Installations in all Premises within the State of Qatar.

This edition will be effective from (2016) for all new KAHRAMAA Building permits approved Starting from this date.

Download Qatar Electricity Wiring Code 2016 pdf


Section 01: Guidelines, Principles and Responsibilities

Section 02: Definitions & Symbols

Section 03: Requirements for Safety

Section 04: Main Low Voltage Services Arrangements and Distribution Boards

Section 05: Earthing

Section 06: Installations Details

Section 07: Final Sub Circuits

Section 08: Electric Motors Controllers

Section 09: Power Factor Correction

Section 10: Emergency, Standby Systems

Section 11: Inspection and Testing

Section 12: Maximum Demand and Diversity

Appendix 01: Tables

Appendix 02: The Specifications of Electrical Service Cabinet

Appendix 03: Applicable Standards

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