Download National Standard Plumbing Code - NSPC Download National Standard Plumbing Code - NSPC - MEP WORK

Download National Standard Plumbing Code - NSPC

National Standard Plumbing Code provides practices and performance criteria for the protection of health and safety through proper design and installation of plumbing systems.

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Download National Standard Plumbing Code - NSPC

NSPC Code Table of contents:

  • Chapter 1 Definitions
  • Chapter 2 General Regulations
  • Chapter 3 Materials
  • Chapter 4 Joints and Connections
  • Chapter 5 Traps, Cleanouts and Backwater Valves
  • Chapter 6 Liquid Waste Treatment Equipment
  • Chapter 7 Plumbing Fixtures, Fixture Fittings and Plumbing Appliances
  • Chapter 8 Hangers and Supports
  • Chapter 9 Indirect Waste Piping and Special Wastes
  • Chapter 10 Water Supply and Distribution
  • Chapter 11 Sanitary Drainage Systems
  • Chapter 12 Vents and Venting
  • Chapter 13 Storm Water Drainage
  • Chapter 14 Special Requirements For Health Care Facilities
  • Chapter 15 Tests and Maintenance
  • Chapter 16 Regulations Governing Individual Sewage Disposal Systems for Homes and
  • Other Establishments Where Public Sewage Systems Are Not Available
  • Chapter 17 Private Potable Water Supply Systems
  • Chapter 18 Mobile Home & Travel Trailer Park Plumbing Requirements
  • Chapter 19 Referenced Standards

Download National Standard Plumbing Code

Illustrated National Standard Plumbing Code 2009:



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