Download Short Circuit Calculation Excel Sheet (XLS)

Download Short Circuit Calculation Excel Sheet (XLS)

Download a calculator excel sheet for short circuit current calculation or fault current calculation. With the following excel sheet you can calculate the short circuit current for three phase and single phase power circuits. Transformer fault current calculator is important for electrical design engineers to determine cable specifications; you can find solved examples in these spreadsheets.

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Download Short Circuit Calculation Excel Sheet (XLS)
Short Circuit Calculation Excel Sheet

What is the short circuit current?

The short circuit current is simply a very large current that suddenly passes through the circuit that it cannot bear, and therefore the weakest point opens the circuit, and the reason for the passage of this very large current is due to the contact of two cables between which there is a slight voltage difference Its resistance is very small, and this means from Ohm's law that the current through the cable will be very large and this is the short circuit current.

Free short circuit current calculator (XLS):

Download Short Circuit Current Calculator at various Point of Distribution System (1.1.19) Excel Sheet

Download Short Circuit Current Calculation (Base KVA Method) (1.1.19) Excel Sheet

With transformer short circuit current calculator excel sheet that is submitted above you can get the I sc in Amper or KA and we need this current to select a protection device. It will help safely interrupt this amount of fault current and protect the transformer and electrical cables.

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