Earthing Resistance Calculation Excel Sheet Based On IEEE/BS/IEC

Earthing Resistance Calculation Excel Sheet Based On IEEE/BS/IEC

Download free calculation excel program for obtaining the earthing resistance according to the IEEE code (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). With this xls sheet you will be able to calculate the earthing electrode resistance in all international electrical codes.

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Earthing Resistance Calculation Excel Sheet (XLS)
Earthing Resistance Calculation Excel Sheet (XLS)

Earhing resistance xls sheet IEEE:

Earthing is a very important and necessary element for the safety of equipment, the work of protections and public safety. Unfortunately, there is no uniform standard for the values ​​of Earthing resistors in different installations that is universally recognized. The IEEE and NFPA recommend that the grounding resistance of the system be no less than 5 ohms and the NEC recommends that the ground resistance of the system is less than 5 ohms.

Download Earthing Calculation Excel Sheet (XLS)

Factors affecting earthing resistance?

There are four variables that affect the resistance of the earthing  system:

First: The length of the earthing strip buried in the ground

Second:  The diameter of the earthing strip

Increasing the diameter of the earthing strip has very little effect in lowering the resistance

Third: The number of earthing strips

Fourth: Soil electrical properties: humidity, the chemical composition of the soil and the soil temperature.

Earthing is an important system for buildings as it prevents people from being shocked, we submitted the  IEEE 80 earthing calculation excel, with this progeam you can calculate the earhing resistance in ohm.

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