Download Septic Tank Sizing Excel Sheet xls

Download Septic Tank Sizing Excel Sheet xls

Download septic tank sizing calculator, a spreadsheet for calculating the suitable size of septic tank according to the number of persons per house. This excel sheet helps you getting the volume of septic tank and the suitable dimensions (length*width-depth).

The septic tank is designed and constructed to receive the discharge of sewage from a building sewer, it retains raw sewage and separates the solid from the liquids by sedimentation and liquification through bacterial action, which makes it relatively liquid to flow into leach lines.

Septic Tank Materials:

  • Precast concrete.
  • Cast in site concrete.
  • Built in site brick septic tanks.
  • Fiberglass, polyethylene, etc.

Septic Tank Location:

The location of septic tank must be a minimum of five feet (5') from any foundation, structure, etc.; fifty feet (50') from any private well and one hundred feet (100') from any public well.

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septic tank design excel calculator
septic tank design

 Download Septic Tank Sizing Excel Program

What Size of Septic Tank Do You Need?

Septic tank capacity depends on number of persons in the house or number of bedrooms, there are standard size of septic tanks, it starts usually from 500 to 2500 gallons. Using the above calculation sheet you can determine the effective volume and dimension of septic tank easily.

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