Download Sewage Pump Station AutoCAD Layout Example

Download Sewage Pump Station AutoCAD Layout Example

Sewage pumping station Autocad drawing dwg for free download. It is a big project includes structural mechanical, and electrical work AutoCAD drawings. The layouts shows the complete design and components of sewage pumping station.

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Download Sewage Pumping Station AutoCAD Layout free dwg
Sewage Pumping Station Layout

Wastewater lift stations (also called Sewage Pumping Stations) are the common method used to lift wastewater to higher elevations.

Gravity plays an important role, sewage is fed into and stored in a sealed underground concrete tank. When the level rises to a determined point, the pump starts to lift up the sewage.

Download sewage lift station CAD layout for free

Sewage pumping station layouts include:

  • Mechanical work
  • Electrical work
  • Structural work
  • Generator Room
  • Sleeves and Guard Room

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