Download DuctMate Calculator Software for Duct Design

Download DuctMate Calculator Software for Duct Design

Download DuctMate software for air duct design. This software is used in sizing ducts in HVAC systems like air conditioning, ventilation or exhaust duct networks. Ductmate calculator is a comprehensive software that you can find sizes for rectangular and round duct besides you can calculate duct friction loss or air velocity through the duct.

why ductmate ?
  • Allows easy recalculation of all values.
  • Accounts for atmospheric pressure and temperature.
  • Select altitude from World Locations database.
  • Customizable duct friction factors.
  • Calculates equivalent rectangular duct clear dimensions.
  • Allows fixing of any rectangular dimension.
  • Based on  ASHRAE Fundamentals Handbook.
  • Work in any unit system.

Also you can download another duct design software like Ductulator or McQuay Duct Sizer

Download DuctMate Calculator Software for Duct Design
DuctMate Calculator Software 

DuctMate Calculator Software:

There are many ways for duct sizing, with Duct mate software you can size the air duct with three popular methods, the first method is the equal friction method, in which you use the accepted friction loss value to obtain duct size. And the second method is using the air velocity to find the duct size and you can get velocity value from ASHRAE tables. The third method is static regain method in which the duct is sized based on the maximum velocity that air noise is not a problem.

Download DuctMate Calculator Software

Now you have another duct sizer software between your hands, the ductmate is a widely used calculator for air duct sizing and friction loss calculation. The software is easy to use and important for HVAC design engineers.

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