Download Ductulator Software - A Simple Duct Sizer for PC

Download Ductulator Software - A Simple Duct Sizer for PC

Eductulator is a free duct size calculator. Ductulator software calculates duct dimensions using equal friction method or equal velocity method. It calculates both rectangular and round duct in inch or millimeter.

How to calculate duct size using CFM and friction loss?

1. enter air flow rate in cubic feet per minute CFM.
2. enter friction loss / 100 ft.
3. press calculate button.


the program will show two tables for common duct sizes one for inches and another for millimeters. The program shows also air velocity in feet per minute fpm.

Download Simple Duct Sizer for PC - Eductulator Software

Free duct sizer tool Eductulator for air duct sizing for pc. It is simple to use and free download.

Download  Duct Sizer Software for PC

We introduced for you the very simple ductulator for PC, it is a visual basic program used for calculating air duct dimensions in both SI units and British units. This duct sizer is very fast and easy and it is the best alternative for Duct Sizer from Carrier.

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  1. dear ,
    can i get this Eductulator.exe download again,
    i have before and used, but antivirus delete the file
    this is good one, but sometime it catching antivirus software instead i am using this calculator,


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