FirePro - Aerosol Fire Suppression Calculation Excel Sheet

FirePro - Aerosol Fire Suppression Calculation Excel Sheet


Download firepro excel sheet program for aerosol fire suppression calculation. The quantity of aerosol gas depends on the volume and the nature of the space. Using this excel sheet will help you in aerosol firefighting calculation.

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Download FirePro - Aerosol Fire Suppression Calculation Excel Sheet xls
Aerosol Fire Suppression Calculation

Fire Pro Aerosol Calculation XLS:

Firepro is a professional company for automatic fire suppression systems like aerosol. This design calculation software is for calculating aerosol clean agent volume and the cylinder volume according to FirePro standards.

Download FirePro Aerosol Calculation Program (Excel)

What is aerosol fire suppression system?

Aerosol is a gas extinguishing systems which is used for extinguishing fires in areas where applying of normal extinguishing agents, such as water or foam might cause more damage to property than fire.
Typical applications for the aerosol extinguishing equipment are spaces for cables, switch gear, electrical equipment, storage of flammable liquids, plastics, etc.

Aerosol fire extinguishing equipment is composed from the tank, which is stored with the extinguisher and also contains detection and control area. The quantity of extinguishing agent dependent on the size of the protected area and protected type of risk. with this excel sheet you will be able to determine the volume of aerosol cylinder.

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