FM200 CO2 Calculator Software - Gas Firefighting

FM200 CO2 Calculator Software - Gas Firefighting

Download a free FM200 and CO2 calculation software, it is used for design the gas firefighting systems and determining the weight of FM200 or CO2 gas cylinders. This is a co2 flooding system calculation software which also used for fm-200 system design calculation.

Download FM200 CO2 Calculator
FM200 CO2 Calculator

Please Note !!
Before you download this software you have to install Java on your computer. 

FM-200: is a colorless, non-toxic gas (clean agent) perfectly suited to protect high value areas that may be normally occupied, in locations where clean-up of other agents is problematic, when storage space for a fire suppression agent is restricted, or when an electrically non-conductive agent is required.
CO2: is a colorless, odorless, and electrically non-conductive gas that leaves no residue behind. This means any sensitive equipment that is in the protected space is not damaged by the CO2, which reduces downtime and costs.

Download FM200 - CO2 Calculator Software

How to use FM-CO2 Calculator 2015 v2:

1. chose which gas system you want FM200 or CO2
2. insert the volume of the room or the dimensions (width - length - height)
3. chose the class of the hazard (A - B - C - D)
4. select the design concentration
5. select the minimum anticipated temperature

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