Download CO2 Fire Protection System Design Notes PDF

Download CO2 Fire Protection System Design Notes PDF

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is widely used in the fire industry as an extinguishing agent for total flooding and local application fire suppression systems. It is extremely effective and suppresses the fire by oxygen depletion, thus creating a surrounding atmosphere where combustion processes cannot be sustained. Physically the CO2 is an electrically non conductive, odorless and colorless gas. It is heavier than air and does not leave residuals upon discharge.

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Download CO2 Firefighting System Design Books and Calculation Excel Sheets for Free.
CO2 Fire Protection System Design Notes PDF

CO2 Fire Protection Design Books, Notes and Manuals

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we introduced for you a collection of CO 2 fire fighting system design pdf notes, these pdf files include illustration for all CO2 fire protection systems, their types and how to design them.

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