Electrical Room and Transformer Ventilation Excel Calculator

Electrical Room and Transformer Ventilation Excel Calculator

Ventilation of electrical room or transformers room is necessary for changing air that is polluted and heated. Some components works at specific temperature. Ventilation of electrical panels room maintain this temperature. We provide you with excel programs for calculating ventilation fans requirements for transformers and electrical panels room.

As an HVAC engineer you will need also Generator Room Ventilation calculation spreadsheet and design calculation excel sheet for Car Park Ventilation systems.

free spreadsheet for calculating fan capacity for ventilation of electrical rooms
Electrical Room Ventilation Excel Calculator

Electrical room ventilation spreadsheet calculates:

  • Number of fans
  • Fan capacity (Air Quantity Required for Ventilation)
  • Fan rating
  • Fan static pressure

Download Transformer Room Ventilation excel program
Download LT & HT Panels Room Ventilation excel calculator

Ventilation of electrical rooms are very important for building operation, providing a hub to supply electrical power for equipment.

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