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CO2 Fire Fighting System Calculator Excel Sheet

Carbon Dioxide CO2 extinguishes fire by diluting the oxygen content of the space to a point where it will not support combustion.

Download CO2 Fire Fighting Calculation Excel Sheet 

Reducing the oxygen content from the normal 21 per cent in air
to 15 per cent will extinguish most fires. For some materials the oxygen content must be reduced below 15 per cent, and in some cases its concentration needs to go down to as low as six percent
of the volume.

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CO2 Fire Fighting System Calculator Excel Sheet

CO2 High Pressure Fire Extinguishing System Characteristics

  • Suitable for extinguishing in closed spaces like engine rooms, auxiliary rooms, cargo holds, etc.
  • Extinguish the fire within a short time and leave no residue after extinguishing: shut-down time after a fire will be reduced to a minimum
  • Suitable for extinguishing fires in combustible liquids, gases and electrical equipment, and for extinguishing smouldering fires in wood, paper, textiles, etc.
  • Installed as a total flooding central bank system inclusive a number of distributions
  • Normally installed with pneumatic release, but can also be supplied with mechanical, electrical, and manual release

CO2 System Calculation Excel Sheet [Download]

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