Stairwell Pressurization Fan Calculation Excel Sheets

Stairwell Pressurization Fan Calculation Excel Sheets

If there is a fire, it causes smoke to spread everywhere, so we must keep the smoke away from the escape route.

Pressurization fan makes the escape route pressurized so it forces the smoke and push it back and enables person to escape.

In these calculation excel sheets, you will get the CFM for the pressurization fan for the stairwell and for the elevator lobby

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Download Staircase Pressurization Fan CFM Calculation Sheet - Free excel sheets xls
Stairwell Pressurization Fan

Stairwell Pressurization Fan CFM Excel Calculation Sheets.

Stairwell Pressurization from Dar Elhandasa Consultant [Download

Stairwell Pressurization from Allied Consultant [Download

Elevator Pressurization [Download]

Lobby Pressurization [Download

Stair Case Pressurization [Download

Another Stairwell Pressurization sheet [Download]

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