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What Does HVAC Engineer Need In Work Site?

Find Awesome Tools for HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical Engineering on MEP Store!

HVAC businesses should provide for their employees in order to ensure that they remain completely prepared for whatever the day might throw at them.

We recommend these products for HVAC Engineers:

>> Air flow meter (Thermo Anemometer)

It can help you to find the air flow in ducts and at air outlets.

  • Large display of airflow or air velocity
  • Simultaneous display of air flow or air velocity plus ambient temperature
  • Easy to set area dimensions (cm2) are stored in the meter's internal memory for the next power on
  • 20 point average for air flow
  • 3-percent velocity accuracy via low friction 2.83-Inch D (72mm) ball bearing vane wheel on 3.9-Feet (120cm) cable

>> Temperature and humidity meter

This psychrometric meter will help you to find the space temperature and humidity ratio.

  • Thermometer Hygrometer is a new type of digital temperature and humidity meter, which designed to combine the functions of humidity meter, temperature meter, wet bulb temperature and dew point temperature. And Dew point is a measure of how much water vapor actually in the air.
  • Dual Display Humidity and Temperature with Accurate Measuring: Humidity range: 0% - 100%RH. Temperature range
  • Digital humidity and temperature meter used for a high range of applications-HVAC,industry,agriculture,meteorology,medical,daily life,building engineer,paranormal investigator,in wine cellar ,machine room and data storeroom
  • Multiple Function: With data retention, data storage, unit conversion, backlight, low battery indicator, automatic shutdown, maximum and minimum functions.
  • LCD display with backlight with high accuracy sensor, LCD brighter in the darker places, auto power off after 15 seconds


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