LPG Storage Tank Size Calculation (Excel Sheet)

LPG Storage Tank Size Calculation (Excel Sheet)

Download free excel program for calculating the size of an LPG tank, this spreadsheet will help you to find the storage capacity for the liquefied petroleum gas tank. LPG storage tanks design will be easy by this excel sheet, just fill in the required cells and you will obtain the total capacity of LPG storage and the size of the tank.

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LPG Storage Tank Capacity Calculation (Excel Sheet)
LPG Storage Tank Capacity Calculation

What is the LPG Tank used for?

LPG tank is commonly used for storing liquefied petroleum gases like (propane or butane), which are gases commonly used as fuels in cooking equipment, heating devices and vehicles. They come in various sizes and shapes, from small cylinders used for household purposes to large tanks for industrial use.

Download LPG Storage Tank Sizer (Excel Sheet Calculator)

LPG tank sizing calculation:

Finding the capacity and size of the LPG tank mainly depends on the daily consumption of the propane or the butane gas in the various fields. If you calculated the consumption of LPG gas per day and multiplied this consumption by the number of the storage days, you will find the total capacity of the tank. here are some steps take them in consideration for finding the LPG storage tank size:

1. Determine usage requirements (such as number of cooking devices)
2. Calculate the total consumption (find the consumption per period of time)
3. Convert consumption into volume
4. Consider diversity factor
5. Select Tank Type (small cylindrical size or large tank like in industrial field or commercial kitchens)

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