Download HVAC E20 Heat load Calculation Excel Sheet

Download HVAC E20 Heat load Calculation Excel Sheet


Download free excel sheet program for air conditioning heat load calculation with Carrier E20 Form, this excel program will help you make heating and cooling load estimation with carrier standard. This form is also known as Carrier E20-II form, it uses many factors for finding the cooling load in BTU or ton refrigeration such as building size, building orientation, wall and roof insulation, type of occupancy, and climate conditions.

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HVAC E20 Heat load Calculation Excel Sheet Form
HVAC E20 Heat load Calculator

HVAC E20 Heat load calculator:

The following spreadsheet from Carrier which is specialized in Air Conditioning field is designed to find the heat load, and it is important for HVAC engineers to estimate the total cooling load for a building. Download this following excel worksheet and find the sensible and latent heat load for the buildings.

Download HVAC E20 Heat load Calculation Excel Sheet

Importance of Carrier E20 Form: 

Carrier E20 Form is very important because many landlord or consultant require efficient and reliable method for estimating the cooling and heating load, and this excel form is the most accurate way to find the final cooling load besides HAP Software. Also, this form is complied with HVAC code like ASHRAE standard and other important air conditioning systems design codes.

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