AC Condensate Drain Calculation Excel Sheet XLS

AC Condensate Drain Calculation Excel Sheet XLS


Free spreadsheet calculator for finding the condensate drain flow rate, it is important to know the amount of condensate drain in air conditioning systems as it will guide you to make sizing for condensate pipes in addition you will determine if it shall be insulated or not. The condensate amount will be drained or stored for irrigation.

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Free Condensate Drain Calculation Program
Condensate Drain Calculation

Condensate drain calculation formula:

to calculate air conditioning condensate  volume, follow this equation:

Condensate flow (GPM) = M air * dW air / ( V air * 8.33)        

M air: Air flow rate (CFM)

dW air: Air specific humidity difference 

V air: Air Specific volume

and if you need to calculate the total amount of condensate you need to know the following:

-Average Working Hours / Year (Hr / Year)

-Diversity Factor (take it 70 %)

Download the following excel sheet calculator and you will be able to make all these calculation easily.

Download Condensate Drain Calculator Excel Sheet for Air Conditioning Systems

What is impotance of AC condensate drain?

The goal of the air conditioning condensate drainage system is to dispose of the condensed water from the air conditioning unit, if there is a problem with the air conditioning drainage system, it can cause various damages to the building.

According to international codes, it is prohibited to discharge air conditioning water into the street (Free discharge), and it is also forbidden to discharge air conditioning water on building roofs according to the UPC code.

Air conditioning water can be discharged into the building's sewage system, the rain drainage system, or into a sump pit, or into floor drains or a trench, provided that a good ventilation system is installed.

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