AHU Fan Shaft Power Calculation Excel Sheet

AHU Fan Shaft Power Calculation Excel Sheet

Free excel sheet calculator for finding the air handling unit fan power in Kw, this spreadsheet will help in calculating the shaft power for all air fans in general. Air fans are widely used in HVAC field especially centrifugal fans, so we made an excel program for calculating centrifugal fan power calculation in KW or HP with the air flow and total pressure in in wg. And in case total pressure is not available then you can calculate fan velocity pressure from air density and air velocity then calculate the fan power.

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Free AHU Fan Shaft Power Calculation Excel Sheet
AHU Fan Shaft Power Calculator

AHU Fan Power Excel Calculator:

Calculating fan shaft power involves many factors and considerations, but in general, it depends on the aerodynamic performance of the air fan and the mechanical efficiency of the motor driving this fan.

we will provide you with excel program that easily perform this mission for you, it calculates the power of the air fan for HVAC systems, this fan may be supply fan like in air handling units or exhaust fan or fresh air fan or any other applications like blower fan.

Fan Shaft Power Calculation Formula: 

Here is the basic formula for calculating fan shaft power:

Fan Power =ηAir density×Q×ΔP


Fan power: Fan (shaft) power required to drive the fan (in watts or horsepower).

Air density: Density of the air being moved by the fan (in kg/m^3 or lb/ft^3).

Q:  Air flow through the fan (in m3/s or ft3/min).

ΔP: Pressure difference across the fan (in pa or in/w).

η: Overall fan efficiency is the overall efficiency of the fan and motor system 

Download AHU Fan Power Calculator Excel Sheet

This Excel program is designed by: Ahmed Badran

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