Residential Electrical Load Calculations Spreadsheet xls

Residential Electrical Load Calculations Spreadsheet xls

Download free excel sheet for calculating electrical load for residential buildings, if you need to calculate the electrical load for your home in KW, this excel calculator will help you find the total electrical load. To find this load you need to know the electrical load in KW for appliances in your home such as air conditioner, refrigerator, dish washer, TV, computer, lighting. etc.

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Residential Electrical Load Calculations

How to calculate electrical load for a house (KW)?

First Download Residential Electrical Load Calculations Spreadsheet xls

  • Second insert the wattage capacity and quantity for every equipment 
  • The excel calculator will find the sum of all loads in Kilo Watt or VA
  • To find the current (Amper) for the load you will divide the wattage by 220 or 240 v
  • According to these data you will be able to find the main cable size and main circuit breaker.

Common Appliances and their Power ratings:

  • Incandescent lamp: 40W – 150W
  • LED Bulb: 4W – 25 W
  • Fluorescent tube light: 18W – 60W
  • LED tube light: 8W – 36W
  • Table fan: 30W – 70W
  • Induction motor Ceiling fan: 60W – 80W
  • Cooler: 100W – 500W
  • AC (1 ton): 3.517KW
  • Refrigerator: 150W – 400W
  • Computer: 100W – 250W
  • Microwave: 600W – 1700W
  • Washing machine: 300W – 500W
  • TV: 60W – 120W
  • Smartphone charger:  4W – 7W

By the steps above you can find the electricity load in kw for home, this is important for those how need to find a solar power system or UPS system for their home. The supplier will ask you for the electrical power consumption to provide you with the convenient system for your electrical load.

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