Free Method of Statement Sample for Firefighting Works

Free Method of Statement Sample for Firefighting Works

Download free method of statement pdf sample for firefighting and sprinkler system installation. This MOS is important in construction field as it ensures that all works are carried out according to the consultant technical specifications and according to the international standards. This method statement includes also the testing and commissioning procedures of fire fighting system.

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Free Method of Statement for Firefighting Works Installation Doc
 Method of Statement for Firefighting Systems

This method of statement is to describes the method of which the installation of Fire Protection Services Installation is carried out for this project. This procedure applies to project site, which requires Fire Protection Services installation work, which is carried out by the company.

Download Method of Statement for Firefighting Works 

This Firefighting Method of Statement Includes:

  • Hanging and storage
  • Work methodology
  • Rigid coupling
  • Mechanical t installation
  • Flexible coupling installation
  • Drop in anchor installation
  • Pipe hanger installation
  • Flanged fittings installation
  • Valve with screw connection installation
  • Valve with flanged end connection installation
  • Flow switch installation
  • Screw fittings installation
  • Sprinkler head (with ceiling) installation
  • Sprinkler head (without ceiling) installation
  • Pipe sleeve installation
  • Fire protection riser pipe installation
  • Black pipe painting
  • Black pipe (with undercoat) painting
  • Galvanized pipe painting
  • Fire pump installation
  • FE-13 system installation
  • NAF SIII system installation
  • Fire seal installation
  • Fireman intercom system installation
  • Fire alarm conduits installation
  • Health, safety, security and environment
  • List of attachments
  • Inspection and testing

The above method of statement procedure will help you in firefighting projects, it includes the MOS for all fire protection types including fire sprinklers, fire hydrants, fire pump and fire pipes. The pdf file is divides into different method of statement documents and every document includes the objective the scope of work, and the installation procedure of every section in fire fighting system.

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