Download ASHRAE Duct Fitting Database (DFDB) V5.0.10

Download ASHRAE Duct Fitting Database (DFDB) V5.0.10

Download ASHRAE Duct Fitting Database (DFDB) V5.0.10 software, the most important duct design software for HVAC engineers, this program is mainly used in calculating duct fiction loss as it has a complete data base for air duct fittings. After performing calculation, the software can provide you with different types of reports with SI and British units.

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Download Free ASHRAE Duct Fitting Database Software
ASHRAE Duct Fitting Database

How to use ASHRAE Duct Fitting Database V5.0?

This program is useful to design engineers dealing with a variety of duct fittings. For any given fitting, the user may enter the flow rate and fitting information (Function-Geometry-Category-Sequential Number) and obtain loss coefficient data and the associated pressure loss. The software includes table data for supply, exhaust, and common (supply/return) duct functions.

Free Download ASHRAE Duct Fitting Database V5.0.10

This compressed file includes two files, the first one is to set up ASHRAE Duct Fitting Database Version 5.00.00 and the second is to upgrade the software to next version 5.00.10. 
First install the first file to set up ASHRAE Duct Fitting database V5.00.00 and after completing installation double click on the second file and chose the file path to install updates to V5.0.10, you will find the file path for windows as follow: C:\Program Files (x86)\Ashrae\Duct Fitting Database

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