Underfloor Heating Pipe Calculator Excel Sheet

Underfloor Heating Pipe Calculator Excel Sheet

Download free underfloor heating pipe calculator xls, this excel sheet will help you to find underfloor heating maximum pipe length and heat loss pipe insulation calculation. The excel sheet also calculate the number of circuits or loops for each space.

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Free Underfloor Heating Pipe Calculator Excel Sheet xls
Underfloor Heating Pipe Calculator

Download the below underfloor heating pipe length calculator xls:

Download Free Underfloor Heating Pipe Calculator Excel Sheet

Underfloor heating design calculations:

The design procedure for under floor heating system is summarized as follows.

1. Calculation of the heat load for each space.

2. Calculation of the heat flux (W/m2 ) by dividing the heat load for the required space by total floor area of the space.

3. Evaluate of the floor surface temperature (Tk).

4. Calculation of required pipes spacing and water temperature with considering the floor temperature and the tiles and floor types (ceramic, mosaic, cement ,oak ,….etc).

5. Limitation of the spaces between the pipes that will give the required floor temperature at selected water temperature.

6. Calculation of the reverse heat flow since there is a cold surface on the other side of the heating pipes.

7. Calculation of the total heat load to be emitted by the pipes (Qe).

8. Calculate of the mass flow rate of water for each loop. 

9. Selection of pipe diameter with considering the flow velocity.

10. Calculation of pressure drop for the longest pipe loop and the pressure drop due to the bending.

11. The pump of the under-floor heating system is selected from the manufacturer catalogues by using the total pressure drop of the longest pipe loop and the total water flow rate for all loops.

12. Balancing the pressure drop for all pipe loops such that each pipe loop will have the same total pressure drop of that of the longest pipe loop. 

13. Heat pump selection by using the total Qe for all loops and domestic hot water.

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The submitted spread sheet is considered also as underfloor heating calculation example, just fill the heating output demand and heating floor area and the excel program will find the number of pipe loops and total pipe length for each loop.

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