Free Dynamo Revit Tutorial for Beginners (Essential Training)

Free Dynamo Revit Tutorial for Beginners (Essential Training)

Download free Dynamo Revit tutorial for beginners. This Dynamo Revit course is important for BIM engineers as it will guide you to be more professional in BIM technology. The course consists of 29 videos plus the needed file for the tutorial, download all files from the direct download link below.

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Dynamo Revit Tutorial for Beginners
Dynamo Revit Tutorial for Beginners

Importance of Dynamo in BIM:

Dynamo for Revit provides us with a visual programming environment that enables us to achieve the best and fastest possible use of Revit without writing a single line of code.

The Dynamo program enables us to create models with Parametric Geometry variables, and it also enables us to automate repetitive tasks. It also enables us to link the data of our Revit files to Microsoft Excel.

Download Dynamo Revit Tutorial for Beginners 

The Dynamo Revit Tutorial Contents:

00- Welcome

01- Using the exercise files

02- What is Dynamo-

03- Navigating the interface and node library

04- Placing and connecting nodes

05- Understanding data types 

06- Performing math functions 

07- Creating a list of numbers 

8- Lists in Dynamo 1.0 

09- Using lists of numbers as inputs 

10- Creating and modifying text strings 

11- Reading data from an Excel spreadsheet 

12- The basics of managing lists 

13- Using the List Level feature 

14- The basics of managing nested lists 

15- Writing data to an Excel spreadsheet 

16- Writing data to an Excel spreadsheet 

17- Creating points 

18- Creating curves 

19- Understanding vectors and planes 

20- Constructing surfaces and solids 

21- Constructing surfaces and solids 

22- Modifying and analyzing solids 

23- Exporting geometry as SAT and STL 

24- Accessing Revit geometry and data 

25- Linking a Dynamo-driven SAT into Revit 

26- Placing Revit families with Dynamo 

27- Placing adaptive components with Dynamo 

28- Setting Revit parameter values with Dynamo 

29- Creating views and sheets 

In this dynamo Revit tutorial you will see the integration process between the different building information modeling technology such as Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, Excel, Dynamo and Python programing. The free course will enable you to use all these programs to create Dynamo Scripts in easy way and perform tasks faster.

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