Download Solar Panel Size Excel Calculator (XLS)

Download Solar Panel Size Excel Calculator (XLS)

 Download a collection of spreadsheets for solar panel system design starting from sizing solar panel and the corresponding battery bank and inverter. With these excel sheets you can calculate the electrical load for the power, lighting and electrical devices in your home.

How to get number of solar panels needed for your home? 

To calculate the number of solar panels needed for a home or factory, you must first find your home's average monthly consumption (kWh), then divide it by the average monthly solar power generation in your area. This should give you the kilowatts of solar panels needed to power your home, then divide this by the wattage of the individual solar panels to get the total number of solar panels needed for your home.

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Download Solar Panel Size Excel Calculator (XLS)
Solar Panel Sizer

Solar panel, inverter and battery bank sizing:

Solar power ac generation system is composed of solar cell panel which generate the electrical power, inverter which convert the DC current into AC current, and Battery bank which store power.

The following Excel sheets will help you calculate the maximum/minimum number of modules per series string while designing your PV system. And inverter sizing consists of two parts, voltage and current sizing. There are various configuration limits you need to consider while inverter sizing. There are factors to be taken into account, which must be considered when sizing a solar power inverter. And during sizing, the temperature coefficient is an important factor.

Download Solar Panel Design Calculator

Download Solar Panel Sizing Excel Sheet

Solar panel system design is very easy with the above excel programs but you must take into consideration a factor of safety for your calculations.

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