Boiler Chimney Height Calculator Excel Sheet

Boiler Chimney Height Calculator Excel Sheet

Download free excel sheet for calculating the chimney height and diameter. The boiler chimney should rise above the building to emit all the gases out of the boiler and to cause draft force to extract emissions naturally.

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Download Chimney Design Calculation excel Sheet xls
Chimney Design Calculation

According to all building codes and regulations, the chimney must rise above the roof at a certain distance. This is necessary so that air turbulence on the surface of the roof does not cause a back draft.

How to calculate the diameter and height of boiler chimney?

Boiler chimney design calculation depend on many formulas so all these calculation are gathered in an excel sheet program. With this sheet, you can get the chimney height and diameter. All these calculations are based on ASHRAE S35 - Chimney, Vent, and Fireplace systems 2016.

Download Chimney Height Calculation Excel Sheet

Download Exhaust Chimney Design Calculator Sheet

The draught force is affected by several important factors as following:

Chimney material.

The height of the foundation above sea level.

The temperature of the flue gases at the outlet of the furnace.

Cross-sectional shape of the chimney.

Roughness of the inner surface.

Violation of the internal tightness of the chimney.

Outdoor air temperature and humidity.

Ventilation of the room with the boiler or stove.

Completeness of fuel combustion.

The degree of contamination of the boiler (or stove) and chimney.

Type of burner used (modulating or discrete).

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