Evaporative Cooler Size Calculator Excel Sheet (xls)

Evaporative Cooler Size Calculator Excel Sheet (xls)

Download free excel sheet calculator for sizing evaporative cooler, this spreadsheet estimate the total air flow need for a custom area. The desert cooler size depends on total sensible heat load and the evaporative medium effectiveness.

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Evaporative cooling is used in both biological and mechanical processes. Evaporative cooling is an ecofriendly cooling system, but this system will not be effective in humid climates.
Evaporative coolers do not use compressors, condenser, chiller coils, cooling towers or heavily insulated piping. Thus the cost of acquisition and operation is a fraction of conventional air conditioning and mechanical refrigeration systems.

Download Evaporative Cooler Calculator Excel Sheet xls
Evaporative Cooler Calculator

How to size evaporative cooler?

Download Evaporative Cooler Calculator Excel Sheet xls

With this excel sheet you will get the total air flow in (CFM) for a desert cooler needed for a custom area. Just fill in the cells with green color:

  • Outside dry bulb temp. (DBT)
  • Outside wet bulb temp. (WBT)
  • Inside dry bulb temp. (T)
  • Total sensible heat gain
  • Media Saturation Efficiency (Eff.)
The saturation effectiveness is elected from the attached table according to meduim depth. All temperature are in Fahrenheit and sensible heat gain in (BTU) and air flow in (CFM).

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