Total Length AutoCAD Lisp for Duct and Pipes

Total Length AutoCAD Lisp for Duct and Pipes

For technical office engineer we introduce to you the best way to measure length on AutoCad, total length lisp is the best solution for calculating the length of pipes, duct, cables, etc.

Download also: Duct lisp and flexible duct lisp

download Total length lisp for autocad
Total length lisp

There are several ideas to get the total length of polylines in AutoCAD but we recommend this way for technical office engineers (HVAC, Firefighting, Plumbing and Electrical). Calculating the total length of selected objects in AutoCAD will be easy from now by using this autolisp. Download this cad lisp and upload it to your program.

Calculating the Autocad path length:

For calculating the Autocad path length First download Total Length Lisp now then upload the lisp into Autocad by dragging and dropping it into the drawing area. In the command line write "TOTL" then enter.

See this tutorial video for total length lisp:

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