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HydroCalc, The Best Hydraulic Calculation Software for MEP Engineers

MEP WORK introduces a new software, HydroCalc, a comprehensive program for MEP engineers. It is used in fire sprinkler, water mist, chilled water and irrigation hydraulic calculations

The software is not just a calculator program, it is a learning software also. The author untroduces tutorials inside the program for how to use it in firefighting sprinklers calculations, water mist fire suppression calculation and irrigation hydraulic calculation.

The software package includes the program with tutorial videos and solved examples for existing projects. Please read this introductory for the program. Download HydroCalc manual PDF

HydroCalc. is a software for hydraulic calculation in firefighting, irrigation and water mist fire suppression.

With HydroCalc. you will be able to:

  • Design Sprinkler system and water mist system for any building and select the fire pump.
  • Design irrigation network and select irrigation pump.
  • Design chilled water system and select chilled water pump.
  • Select the potable water pump according to the demand.

Why HydroCalc. ?

  • It’s more easier and quicker than any other software.
  • In the new updated versions you will learn more and more.
  • All your MEP hydraulic calculation in one software.
  • The program is attached with some documents and explanation video.
  • The Examples in The Program Are Actual For Actual Buildings and Systems.
  • There is a database for registration the buyers (buyer's data).
  • There will be an announcement for the updated versions which will be free.

To get HydroCalc. please contact the author Mostafa Al Wakeel
Facebook or Email

  • Only SR 300 for one computer (It will not work in other computer). 
  • SR 100 for Each additional computer for the same buyer. 
  • No open unlimited version is available. Any future updated versions will be for free. 
  • The first 100 buyers will have a special price of SR 250 for one computer & SR 50 for each additional computer for the same buyer. 

Your Interaction is required and will be appreciated to improve this software.

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