HVAC In Healthcare Facilities Course PDF

HVAC In Healthcare Facilities Course PDF

Download a free PDF course for HVAC in healthcare facilities. The course illustrate the types of HVAC systems in hospitals. It describes hospital ventilation systems regulations codes and standards.

HVAC systems in hospitals are different from other systems as there are regulations on the quality of air inside hospitals rooms and operation rooms.

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HVAC In Healthcare Facilities Course PDF
HVAC In Healthcare Facilities

HVAC systems in hospitals and healthcare facilities:

HVAC design for health care facilities is all about providing a safer environment for patients and staff. The basic difference between air conditioning for healthcare facility and that of other building types stem from:

1. The need to restrict air movement in and between the various departments.

2. The specific requirements for ventilation and filtration to dilute and reduce contamination in the form of odor, airborne micro organisms and viruses, and hazardous chemical and radioactive substances. Ventilation effectiveness is very important to maintain appropriate indoor air quality.

3. The different temperature and humidity requirements for various areas and the accurate control of environmental conditions.

4. The design sophistication to minimize the risk of transmission of airborne pathogens and preserve a sterile and healing environment for patients and staff.

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