Air Outlet Selection Excel Program - Diffusers and Grilles

Air Outlet Selection Excel Program - Diffusers and Grilles

Air outlets selection like diffusers and grilles needs the catalogues and the manual of the manufacturing company. But with this excel program you will simply select the proper air outlet for HVAC duct systems. The excel program are for quick selection or for beginners. So if you a professional designer and the project is huge you will need to look at tables and catalogues.

Air Outlet Selection Excel Program - Diffusers and Grilles
Diffusers and Grilles

How to select HVAC air outlet?

The first step in selection of an air outlet is defining the actual model type. A large variety of outlet styles, shapes and configurations are available. In many cases the outlet model selection is based on architectural or economic considerations. This decision on outlet type or model has significant influence on the resultant noise levels of the application since noise generation of air outlets depends on their design and geometry. Outlets with aerodynamic components and high free area will generally have lower noise levels at the same air flow.

Download Air Outlet Selection Excel Program - for Diffusers and Grilles

How to Minimize Noise in Air Distribution Systems?

• Size the ductwork and duct elements for low air velocity. 

• Avoid abrupt changes in duct crosssectional area or direction. 
• Provide smooth air flow at all duct elements, including branches, elbows, transitions and air outlets. 
• When flexible duct is used it should be pulled taught and installed as straight as possible. 
• Provide straight ductwork between duct elements. 
• Use equalizing grids when non ideal inlets cannot be avoided. 
• Balance the duct system for lowest reasonable fan speed with dampers generally open. 
• Locate volume control dampers a minimum of three duct diameters away from air outlets.

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