Rainwater Drainage Design Calculation Excel Sheets XLS

Rainwater Drainage Design Calculation Excel Sheets XLS

Download free calculation excel sheet for the design of drainage systems for roof rainwater and storm water. These calculation spreadsheets calculate the quantity of rainwater and the sizing of gutter rainwater. MEP WORK provides free excel calculator for drainage calculation of roof rainwater and storm water. Three spreadsheets for free download with direct links.

Download also: Rainwater Soakaway Sizing Spreadsheet xls

Rainwater Drainage

Roof drainage calculation:

The quantity of rainwater on a roof surface is determined by the effective roof surface in m² to be multiplied by the rain intensity (i) l/min. The dimensions of the rainwater drainage system can be calculated by means of this quantity of rainfall to discharge per unit of time.

Download roof rainwater calculation excel sheet

Download roof rain water drainage from Dar El Handasa

Download gutter rain water drainage sizing spreadsheet

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