Download HVAC Duct Measurement Excel Sheet XLS

Download HVAC Duct Measurement Excel Sheet XLS

This excel sheet is for HVAC duct measurement like duct weight, duct area and all calculation related to ductwork like hanger supports and duct insulation. The spreadsheet is for duct sheet metal quantity estimation.

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HVAC Duct Measurement Excel Sheet XLS
HVAC Duct Measurement Excel Sheet

This excel sheet includes the following taps:

  • Duct calculation
  • Duct final report
  • Hanger supports calculation
  • Hanger report

Download HVAC Duct Measurement Spreadsheet

HVAC Duct Measurement Excel Sheet

Accurate measuring of HVAC duct systems for insulation and cladding is important as it will reduce manufacturing time, reduce waste of materials, speed up installation time and improve the overall appearance of the job. 

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    1. No, all calculations are available but the spreadsheet is copy righted. you can perform calculation without changing in formulas.

    2. ok, But i just to see the formula which formula you are using for all those calculation.

    3. I just want to change the inch to mm so how can i do it

  2. can you explain how the area ormula is working

  3. can you explain how area formula works here


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