Revit MEP Sample Project for School - (HVAC-Plumbing-Electrical)

Revit MEP Sample Project for School - (HVAC-Plumbing-Electrical)

All HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Piping and Architecture layouts for an elementary school project designed by Revit MEP Software from AutoDesk.

Autodesk Revit MEP is a building information modeling (BIM) software, it provides mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineers with tools to design complex building systems with BIM technology.
We provide you with complete project designed by Revit MEP, all rvt drawings for MEP systems. It is helpful for beginners who need a guide project for practice.

Revit MEP Drawings for Elementary School Project - Free RVT Files
Revit MEP Drawings for Elementary School Project

All Revit MEP Drawing Files for Elementary School Project:

Download Revit MEP Drawings for School Project - Free RVT Files.

This Revit MEP project is for practice, follow the design and make yours. We need your support, please share this Revit Drawings on social media so as all beginner MEP engineers can learn Revit.

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  1. Please provide arc file for elementary school project

  2. Please provide arc link file for elementary school project

  3. Hi I can't find fire layout in the model file is it created?

  4. Hy Gentleman! I hope You Are Good . I appreciate Your Work and Really Thank You & Your Team For Helping us . I have Some Trouble in Elementary School Revit Project.
    Hava Comnets :- Please Provide All System ( in The Project i See only Air
    Handling Unit how connected Whit the HSR & HWS ) Where is the Main System . Any Cooling Tower , Chiller , Pumps , Valve Assembly, or Any Other System are You Use Please Provide Us WhIch is Most Helpful For All.
    02- In The Duct System when Branch Takeoff Please Add Shoe neck ( Its become my hadick that how can add Shoe Neck in Duct System.

  5. Please Provide Proper DIffuser Tags In Project Like ( Diffuser Size, Diffuser Type, Air Flow, Diffuser Quantity.
    In Ducting Layout Please Provide the Proper Duct Tags Like ( Duct Size, Duct AIr Flow, Duct Height.
    Ducting Hanging Detail , Air Handling unit Pad Detail
    I,m Work on Revit MEP Last 4 Years. In Elementary School Project i done most of think and it,s my pleasure that i,m share with Your Team .
    many of thing Like That also miss in this Project I hope We Discussed on When i See Positive Reaction Thanku

  6. hi there is nothing in the fire fighting system file related to fire fighting.....


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