Firefighting BOQ Example - Bill of Quantities Excel Sheet

Firefighting BOQ Example - Bill of Quantities Excel Sheet

BOQ is a very important document which is used in tendering in the construction supplies. In bill of quantities all material and labor cost are itemized.

MEP WORK always provides you with samples for everything related to MEP Engineering, today we put in your hands a sample bill of quantities (BOQ) for fire protection works. The excel sheet includes all BOQ and pricing for all firefighting materials, labor and other civil work.

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Download firefighting systems BOQ sample for free - fire fighting Bill of Quantities excel sheet.
Firefighting BOQ Example

Fire fighting BOQ Includes:

  • Fire Hose Cabinets
  • Fire Water Line
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Sprinkler Heads
  • Water treatment Chemicals
  • Under Ground Water Tank And Pump Room 
  • Generator and Electric Room 
  • Civil Work

Tis firefighting BOQ example includes all fire fighting works. Supply, install, test, set to work, and commission Firefighting works. This is a good sample for you to be familiar with all firefighting items.

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