Download Drainage Calculations Excel Sheet - Free Spreadsheet

Download Drainage Calculations Excel Sheet - Free Spreadsheet

Free Spreadsheet for the design of drainage systems. This excel sheet is used for determine the size of drainage pipes and sewage calculations.
Drainage system for a building should be designed according to the rules of national standard plumbing code or the local codes. This spread sheet makes all calculations for sewage and drainage system.

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Download Drainage Calculations Excel Sheet - Free Spreadsheet XLS for drainage design
Drainage Calculations
Download Drainage Calculations Excel Sheet

This Drainage Spreadsheet calculates:

  • The required minimum pond size at SHW for a 14 day residence permanent wet pool 
  • The required number of borings and hydraulic conductivity tests for a pond. 
  • The required soil depth over a pond liner. 
  • Geometric elements of various cross sections and segments of a circle. 
  • Converts metric to English and vice versa and DRI to conductivity conversions. 
  • Converts Curve Numbers to coefficient of runoff numbers. 
  • Verifies the recovery time for an effluent filtration system. 
  • Head losses in pipes. 
  • Rainfall intensity and allowable discharge in FDOT's Zones 1 through 11 for the 2 to 50 year events. 
  • The time of concentration using the kinematic wave formula. 
  • The required shelf size if the pond is larger than required. 
  • The required storage volume for a 2 to 50 year storm event in all 11 FDOT zones. 
  • Runoff by the NRCS method. 
  • The NRCS time of concentration. 
  • The required orifice size to discharge ½ the treatment volume in 60 hours or more.
  • Slopes, volumes, velocities and capacities of pipes flowing full. 
  • Calculates pond volumes based on surface area and elevation. 
  • Generates rainfall hydrographs for input into other programs. 
  • Rating curves for compound weirs for input into other programs. 
  • Retention basin recovery time frames. 
  • The required sediment sump size. 
  • Provides a simplified pond (surface water management system) volume recovery analysis. 
  • Lag time. 
  • Verifies the 24 hour bleed down requirement for a V-notch weir. 
  • Vegetative upland buffers for a residential storm water quality treatment alternative practice. 
  • Weir dimensions based on height, width or discharge rate. 
  • The bleed down time for a weir notch.

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