Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Specifications Sample (word)

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Specifications Sample (word)

Every Electromechanical project is unique and therefore its specification too. Here we can see a sample for specifications for a MEP project includes HVAC, Plumbing and firefighting works.

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MEP Specifications Sample

MEP Specifications includes:

  • Submittal Procedures 
  • Stand pipes and Hoses 
  • Builder's Work 
  • Electrical Works 
  • Hangers and Supports 
  • Mechanical Identification 
  • Duct insulation 
  • Equipment Insulation 
  • Piping Insulation 
  • Valves 
  • Piping Specialties 
  • Meters And Gauges 
  • Piping Expansion Compensation 

Plumbing specifications sample:

  • Pumps 
  • Domestic Water Piping 
  • Sanitary Waste And Vent Piping 
  • Storm Drainage Piping 
  • Swimming Pool Piping And Equipment 
  • Heating And Cooling Piping 
  • Chemical Water Treatment Equipment 
  • Water Treatment And Chemical cleaning System 
  • Fuel Piping 
  • Mounting And Isolation Of Mechanical And Electrical Systems. 

Firefighting specifications sample:

  • Fire Protection 
  • Electric-Drive, Fire Pumps 
  • Plumbing Fixtures HVAC Piping And Fittings Material

HVAC specifications sample:

  • HVAC Piping Fitting Materials 
  • Chilled Water Pumps 
  • Feed water Equipment 
  • Expansion Tank 
  • Electrical Water Heater 
  • Hot Water Boilers 
  • Water Chillers - Centrifugal And Screw 
  • Packaged Cooling Towers 
  • Refrigerant Condensing Units 
  • Electrical Heater 
  • Fan Coils Units 
  • Sheet Metal Duct Work 
  • Fans 
  • Central Station Air Handling Units 
  • Air Outlets And Inlets 
  • Air Filters 
  • Testing, Adjusting, And Balancing 
  • Building Management System

Download MEP Projects Specification Sample DOC

The MEP specifications sample above can be edited and converted into pdf.  Free download all the files for the MEP works specs in construction field.

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