Specifications Sample for HVAC , Plumbing and Firefighting

Specifications Sample for HVAC , Plumbing and Firefighting

Every Electromechanical project is unique and therefore its specification too. Here we can see a sample for specifications for a MEP project includes HVAC, Plumbing and firefighting works.

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MEP Specifications Sample

MEP Specifications includes:

  • Submittal Procedures 
  • Stand pipes and Hoses 
  • Builder's Work 
  • Electrical Works 
  • Hangers and Supports 
  • Mechanical Identification 
  • Duct insulation 
  • Equipment Insulation 
  • Piping Insulation 
  • Valves 
  • Piping Specialties 
  • Meters And Gauges 
  • Piping Expansion Compensation 
  • Pumps 
  • Domestic Water Piping 
  • Sanitary Waste And Vent Piping 
  • Storm Drainage Piping 
  • Swimming Pool Piping And Equipment 
  • Heating And Cooling Piping 
  • Chemical Water Treatment Equipment 
  • Water Treatment And Chemical cleaning System 
  • Fuel Piping 
  • Mounting And Isolation Of Mechanical And Electrical Systems. 
  • Fire Protection 
  • Electric-Drive, Fire Pumps 
  • Plumbing Fixtures HVAC Piping And Fittings Material
  • HVAC Piping Fitting Materials 
  • Chilled Water Pumps 
  • Feed water Equipment 
  • Expansion Tank 
  • Electrical Water Heater 
  • Hot Water Boilers 
  • Water Chillers - Centrifugal And Screw 
  • Packaged Cooling Towers 
  • Refrigerant Condensing Units 
  • Electrical Heater 
  • Fan Coils Units 
  • Sheet Metal Duct Work 
  • Fans 
  • Central Station Air Handling Units 
  • Air Outlets And Inlets 
  • Air Filters 
  • Testing, Adjusting, And Balancing 
  • Building Management System

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