HVAC Preventive Maintenance Schedules and Checklist - PDF

HVAC Preventive Maintenance Schedules and Checklist - PDF

Preventive Maintenance is regular, systematic inspection, cleaning & repair of equipment & systems in order to prevent unplanned or premature failure. This schedule needs to be customized for your individual property's needs.

The goal of this maintenance plan is to maintain campuses within the region that effectively represent the quality of the programs housed in its buildings. Safety, comfort, functionality, efficiency, and aesthetics are the guiding principles.

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Preventive Maintenance Schedule & Checklists for all HVAC Equipment, Free PDF Document
HVAC Preventive Maintenance Schedule & Checklists

Preventive maintenance schedule for mechanical equipment

  • package air-cooled screw chiller
  • package, air-cooled recip. Chiller
  • water cooled commercial self contained air handlers
  • central station air handling units
  • exhaust fans
  • cooling tower
  • pumps
  • variable frequency drive motor speed controllers
  • fan coil units
  • variable air volume boxes
  • package units / roof top units
  • boilers
  • split system condensers
  • emergency generator
  • electrical panels and electrical rooms

 Download HVAC Maintenance Schedules pdf

The above Air conditioning preventive maintenance Checklist PDF will help you regulate your plan for performing maintenance for the AC system in building. It is very important for facility management engineers.

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