Foam Fire Extinguishing System Calculations Excel Sheet

Foam Fire Extinguishing System Calculations Excel Sheet

Foam is a soft substance that is added to the water with a percentage of 3% to 6%, this substance separates the surface of the fire from the air and thus reduces the oxygen level by 15%, and then the fire is extinguished.

We provided you with a calculation excel sheet below contains all calculation to design a foam fire suppression system, download it now for free and don't forget to download also all firefighting calculation sheets you need, all links come below.

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Download Foam Firefighting System Calculation Excel Sheet - free excel sheet for the design of foam fire suppression system
Foam Calculations Excel Sheet

Assumptions for Foam Systems Calculations:

1- The calculation presented here below are for reference and guidance only,  as foam system is a pre-engineered system to come complete from the supplier.

2- The system used is an automatic sprinkler systems utilizing foam / water sprinkler heads, integrated into a complete deluge system.

Download Foam Excel Sheet Calculator

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