Firefighting and Fire Alarm Drawings for Hotel Building

Firefighting and Fire Alarm Drawings for Hotel Building

MEP WORK provides you with sample projects for those who have recently entered the field of firefighting or fire alarm and try designing a complete firefighting or fire alarm project for the first time.

Here it is a complete project for a hotel, inside the zipped file you will find the dwg drawings for the firefighting and fire alarm systems with the hydraulic calculations.

Download alsoFire Alarm AutoCAD Drawings for A Residential Building

Download Hotel Firefighting And Fire Alarm Project AutoCAD Drawings with Calculations.
Hotel Firefighting Project

Hotel Firefighting project Content:

  • Firefighting AutoCAD drawings
  • Fire alarm AutoCAD drawings 
  • Elite Fire Hydraulic Calculations

Download Firefighting AutoCAD drawings
Download Fire alarm AutoCAD drawings 
Download Elite Fire Hydraulic Calculations

Download fire fighting drawing dwg for a hotel project, also the files include fire alarm system AutoCAD drawing dwg. This project will help you make fire suppression systems for buildings according to NFPA code.

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