Revit MEP Systems Templates Metric and US Units

Revit MEP Systems Templates Metric and US Units

Download free Revit MEP templates for HVAC , plumbing, firefighting and electrical system. (.rte) template files for MEP and BIM designers in US units and Metric units.

What is a template?

A template is a file that works as a starting point for a new project. When you open a Revit template, it is formatted in some way so you can start the project directly without making your own settings like units, visibility graphics, etc.

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Download Revit MEP Templates for Mechanical HVAC , Plumbing, Firefighting and Electrical System Design
Revit MEP Systems Templates

Revit MEP Systems Templates

  • Systems Default Metric
  • Mechanical Default Metric
  • Plumbing Default Metric
  • Electrical Default Metric
  • Structural Analysis Default Metric
  • Default Metric
  • Default US

Revit MEP is important for HVAC, firefighting and plumbing. It is one of the important BIM software. Revit template is a set of setting that reduces your time instead of preparing the work space every time you use Revit.

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