Elite Fire Course PDF- Firefighting Calculations

Elite Fire Course PDF- Firefighting Calculations

Elite fire software is a simple program used to do the hydraulic calculation for a water sprinkler & Standpipe systems instead of manual calculation which saves effort and time and give more accurate results. 

Elite Fire Course -  Firefighting Calculations Slide
Elite Fire Course

Tutorials for learning how to use Elite Fire, the Excellent tool for the design of fire protection systems.

First download Elite fire for Firefighting Calculations

Then download Elite Fire Couse PDF and follow the presentation slides.

Elite Fire Course Content:

1-What’s Elite Fire Software?
2-Program Interface.
3-General Project Data.
4-Enter / Edit Pipe Data.
5-Some Additional Tools.
6-Performing Calculations.
7-Report Options.
8-Case Study. 

Credits to: Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Project Controls Engineer

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