Swimming Pool Design Calculation Excel Sheets

Swimming Pool Design Calculation Excel Sheets

It will be easy to design a swimming pool using the excel sheets (xls files) submitted below, the calculations will be easy and quick , you won't miss anything , there will be no mistakes.

Swimming pools excel sheets for calculating:

  • Pool dimensions
  • Pumps capacity
  • Surface losses
  • Balancing tank
  • Filtration system
  • Water supply and drainage
  • Disinfection and PH control system
  • Pool heat-up rate

Download Swimming Pool Calculation Excel Sheets for Free
Swimming Pool Design

Download Swimming Pool Calculations
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After downloading the above swimming pool design calculation excel sheet you can calculate the recirculation pump capacity according to the dimensions and volume of the pool. After that calculate the volume of the surge tank or the balancing tank. 

General notes in design of swimming pool

1. Pool inlets should be spaced less than 6 m apart and within 1.5 m of a corner
2. Vacuum cleaning outlets should be located so that a hose of maximum 15 m can reach any point
3. Supply and return piping of the pumps should have a maximum velocity of 5 to 6 ft/s
4. Surge tanks are not required with vacuum diatomic filters, skimmers or continuous flow gutters
5. Chlorine gas usage is limited to large pools and some local codes don't permit its use

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