Absorption Chillers Basics, Manuals and Catalogues

Absorption Chillers Basics, Manuals and Catalogues

Download Absorption Chillers Basics, Calculations, Working Principal Notes, Manuals and Catalogs.
To protect the environment which is the common issue of the mankind. The traditional electric chiller which takes Freon as its cooling medium has caused great harm to the ozone layer of the atmosphere.

An absorption chiller is a machine that produce chilled water using heat source such as steam, hot water, gas, and oil. It seems illogical to obtain cooling with heat, but that is what actually happens inside an absorption chiller. 

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Absorption Chillers Basics, Manuals and Catalogues
Absorption Chillers Basics

Absorption Chillers Basics PDF Notes:

Download Overview of Vapor Absorption Chilling Systems 

Download Overview of Vapor Absorption Cooling Systems 

Absorption Chillers Catalogues:

Download LG Absorption Chillers Catalogue

Download Trane Absorption Chillers Catalogue

Download Carrier Lithium Bromide Absorption Chiller Catalogue

We introduced to you a collection of absorption chillers pdf notes that will help you understand the working principals of absorption chillers and the proper selection of them.

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